IPSY其實是YOUtuber Michelle Phan搞的每月化妝護膚品訂購服務,每個月$10美金 (寄到加拿大另收郵費),之後會收到4-5件SAMPLE SIZE (有時有貨SIZEl)的東東。

呢種BOX係美國都有好多款,EG:wantable box, boxy charm, birchbox, walmart box...但價錢較平而又送到加拿大的,暫時只有IPSY,我一次過訂左11個月(因為佢送多一個月)黎緊一年都有禮物收了!》V《

第一個IPSY包包顏色同質地都不錯,以是高貴的款式(LOVE IT!)

1.IPSYNYX01 3color shadow palette 三色眼影(啡)
This 3-color eye shadow palette gives you go-anywhere intensity day or night thanks to the highly pigmented formulations. Provides intense eye colors with a silky texture for seamless application for any eye look that you desire. It consists of 3 complementing eye shadows to wear together or alone.Each eye shadow provides great color payoff with every application.Create any look on the go with the help of the dual applicator that allows you to apply, smudge and line your eyes effortlessly.Exclusive palette designed by NYX just for ipsters! Weight: .03 oz
一個基本的顏色,因為我在這裡完全沒有化妝品,所以很適合我(LOVE IT!)

2.Formula X - nail color - ignite 4ml
Fire up the imagination this fall with this smoking red-hot nail polish. Formula X Ignite is a universally flattering shade delivered in a patented "No Compromise" formula for xtraordinary color, xceptional performance, and xtra long-lasting shine. Infused with ShineXcel™, a luminescent ingredient that enhances color and overall brilliance. Get polished and kindle a new flame with this hot and heavy hue.    3-free formulation
Patented "No Compromise" formula infused with ShineXcel™ for enhanced color and overall brilliance Custom brush design engineered to complement the polish's highly pigmented formula with precise lacquer application Weight: .13 oz
酒紅色指甲油 一個很適合秋冬的顏色,我自己就一定唔夠膽買新嘗試(LOVE IT!)

3.Not Radio Soup-emotional well-being hand/body lotion 35ml
This luxe lotion is super-light and perfect for layering. You’ll experience silkier skin after application, and the non-greasy formula will make your skin healthy, wealthy and wise.Aromatheraputic Botanically-based Paraben-freeipsters who receive this product in their Glam Bag will receive The Phoenix or Liquid Freud.Weight: 1.2 oz
雖然加拿大天氣乾燥,但我明明選了不要body lotion!!因為lotion很便宜已經可以有很好質素的!(Dislike!)

4.City color city chic lip stick -Je t'aime 3g
Your lips are bound to make a statement with City Color’s signature City Chic lipstick. This ultra-creamy formula gives your lips long-lasting color and luscious shine. These buttery lipsticks are ideal for any classic City Chic look.
Intense, bold pigmentation            Ultra creamy formula          Paraben free
ipsters who sample this product in their Glam Bag will either receive the shade Je t’aime or One Night Stand.Weight: .11 oz
一支挺紅+CREAMY的唇膏,但是LAST不耐同MADE IN PRC (China)。。。
不過因為我在這裡完全沒有化妝品,所以都岩我用XD( GooD!)

最後是及時雨5.Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 15ml

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask is a revolutionary overnight mask that hydrates parched skin. Highly concentrated ionized mineral water and ceramides deliver intense doses of moisture to stressed skin while Aromatic Sleepscent™ technology relaxes you. The luxurious gel texture instantly absorbs into the skin and it is infused with apricot and chestnut extracts to brighten and purify fatigued skin overnight. Laneige is available in the US at Target.com and in select Target stores.Weight: 0.6 fl oz
在濕度只有30幾%的Calgary,真的需要點滋潤。這個Mask大家都應該不陌生,雖然我不覺得佢的好用到要買,但也算是我現在的救急欣物啊~~(LOVE IT!)

請密切留意十月的IPSY BAG~~~
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